Waterpik Complete Care WP900 Review


For optimal oral health, you need to brush and floss at least twice a day. Most people have the brushing habit down pat, but quite a few of us skip the flossing bit. The Waterpik Complete Care WP900 provides you with both a water flosser and a sonic toothbrush, so you never have an excuse not to brush and floss again.

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But is it worth the hefty price tag (about £115)? Before we share our experience, here’s a quick rundown of what we liked and didn’t like about this system.


  • A complete dental cleaning system – water flosser and sonic toothbrush
  • Comes with two replacement brush heads
  • 2-minute timer ensures you brush for the dentist-recommended amount of time
  • Pressure system gives you optimum stream control


  • Battery life is short

Waterpik Complete Care WP900 Review

We’ve used Waterpik products in the past, and had great success with them. The Complete Care WP900 was no different. The water flosser is brilliant, and the included sonic toothbrush really ensures that you get a good cleaning each and every time.

Both the water flosser and the brush are stored on the reservoir container for convenient, easy use. It also doubles as a charging station for your bush, so you don’t have to take up any more space on your bathroom counter.

Five jet tips are included, so you can choose the right one for your dental needs:

  • 1 plaque seeker
  • 2 classic
  • 1 pik pocket
  • 1 orthodontic

Waterpik also allows you to control the pressure of the stream, so you can choose how strong or gentle you want the flossing to be. A 90 second reservoir is included, so you enjoy a thorough flossing every time.

The sonic toothbrush is effective, but it’s nothing fancy. There are no advanced cleaning modes, but it does offer a 2-minute quad timer and two speed settings.

A convenient travel case is included for your brush, which is convenient if you travel often – no one wants to lug around a bulky water flosser reservoir when they’re on the go.

On the front of the reservoir container is a special storage area for the tip and brush heads. This storage area keeps all of your accessories right within easy reach, and protects them from debris and dust.

How well does the brush and flosser work?

The million dollar question. The flosser works very well to eliminate plaque, bacteria and food particles from in between your teeth. If you have braces or sensitive teeth, you’ll probably want to choose a water flosser over traditional floss because it’s effective, but far gentler.

The brush itself is excellent for daily cleaning, but as mentioned previously, does not include cleaning modes. Between the flosser and the sonic cleaning action, cleaning modes really aren’t necessary.

WP900 Features

  • 5 jet tips included
  • 90-second reservoir
  • Sonic toothbrush includes 2-minute quad timer and 2 speed settings
  • 2 replacement brush heads included
  • Pressure system ranges from 10-100 psi

We really love the Complete Care system from Waterpik because it combines both sonic cleaning technology with the power of water flossing. Now, you never have an excuse not to floss. It’s the ultimate system for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Based on our review: (4.5 / 5)