Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 Review


Affordability meets functionality is the best way to describe the Sonicare HX8911/03 by Philips. One of the leading brands in the electric toothbrush industry, the HX8911 has the power to remove up to 7 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush and removes up to 100% more stains than the competition.

You’ll have a whiter smile in just one week, too.

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 in our hands-on review. Let’s see what we liked and thought could have been better with this model before moving on to a more detailed look at our experience.

List Price:£150.00
Sale Price:£59.99
You Save:£90.01 (60%)


  • 3 intensity modes are perfect for people with sensitive teeth
  • Removes up to 7 times more plaque and improves gum health
  • Quadpacer ensures you brush to dentist recommendations


  • Replacement brush heads can be expensive

Unfortunately, Philips does not include an extra brush head with your purchase like many manufacturers offer. This is a slight concern, but given the low price of this model, it’s acceptable. You only need to change brush heads a few times per year, so it’s not too much of a concern.

Philips Sonicare HX8911/04 Review

One thing you’ll notice about the HX8911/04 is that there aren’t half dozen modes to choose from when brushing. Philips leaves out all of those bloated features that are never used but drive up the cost of your electric toothbrush.

Instead, you’ll be able to choose between:

  • Clean mode
  • Whitening mode

But those with sensitive teeth will be able to lower the intensity to allow for a comfortable brushing. There are three total intensity modes that can be chosen to ensure those with sensitive teeth don’t leave the bathroom sink holding the side of their mouth because their teeth hurt from brushing too hard.

When you’re brushing, you’ll find that there is a quadpacer that will allow you to brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes without needing to check your watch to see if you should be switching quadrants just yet.

I can’t verify if this toothbrush removes 7 times the amount of plaque as the competition, but I can say it felt like I went to the dental hygienist and had my teeth cleaned. You’ll notice a noticeably whiter smile in just one week if using the whitening mode, which will blast away 100% more stains than a manual toothbrush.

If you’re teeth are already fairly white, you may not notice much of a difference.

Your gum health will also be improved majorly, which is a nice bonus.

In terms of battery life, you’ll be able to brush 42 times for a full 2 minutes before needing to recharge. On a full charge, this model will last you three weeks before needing to be recharged. This makes the HX8911 the ideal choice for anyone that travels and can’t necessarily recharge their unit every few days.

I was impressed with the HX8911. Affordable, this model outperforms other electric toothbrushes that cost twice the price. The lack of bloated features and a rich intensity feature set really make brushing effortless yet thorough.

It’s just as good as going to the dental hygienist – minus the cost.

Based on our review: (4.7 / 5)